Privacy Policy

Ben White Architecture Limited (BWA Ltd) aim to treat personal and confidential information with due care and respect and in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

We aim here, in summary, to tell you how we handle your data

What information we have

We collect the personal information of our clients or potential clients as required to provide our service. Most of this data can be provided directly by the client or potential client. The data we hold includes:

  • Name and company name if relevant
  • Address (address of client and/or site address)
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Photos of the site address, and/or surrounding areas, are sometimes required
  • Cheques and BACS details if supplied by clients

Other information may be collected by BWA Ltd but this is either anonymised (as in the case of IP addresses) or is business information (such as Company, or Job Role).

Where we collect personal information, we do so on the basis that the individual has specifically consented or on the basis that an individual has or is entering into a contract with BWA Ltd.

If we do seek to collect personal information through our website, we will be clear and open about this. We will make it evident when we are collecting personal information and will explain what we intend to do with it.

When you provide personal information, we will enter and store it in our database and use it to contact you to continue to discuss business, services and products which may be of mutual benefit. 

Where we get your data from

  • Direct from clients or potential clients
  • Statutory Authorities
  • Statutory services checks
  • Site mapping services
  • Your company websites

What do we use information for?

Staff at BWA Ltd will use the information that we collect for a number of purposes which include:

  • Contacting you about your project
  • Collecting data from Statutory Bodies relating to your site as required for the progression of your project
  • We may need to contact other professions for the progression of your project, such as Engineers, Surveyors, Planning Authorities and Building Contractors, but you will be kept informed as your project progresses
  • For the purposes of submitting applications to Statutory Bodies e.g Cornwall Council planning applications or building regulations submissions
  • Photos of your site and/or project, with no identifying landmarks, name or address, may be used in our promotional material, unless otherwise agreed by the client
  • Photos or scans of cheques as proof of payment before paying in
  • We may contact suppliers of building materials where we would need to provide details of the project location and/or address, as this may be relevant to the hardiness of the material supplied

Your rights

Your personal information is owned by you. If you have any questions or issues with the way in which we are using your data you have the following rights:

  • ​You have the right to be informed
  • You have the right to transparency
  • You can ask to see what data we hold on you
  • You can ask for information to be rectified
  • You can ask to receive a copy of the data we hold on you
  • You can ask us to erase any information we have about you (unless this is overridden by the legal obligations or public tasks of BWA Ltd)
  • You can object to the way in which we use your information or restrict the processing of that information

If you wish to enact any of these rights then you can do so by emailing

Retention and data storage

When we store data, reasonable measures are taken to protect personal information from access by unauthorised persons. This information will be stored, archived and backed up as part of our internal systems of which some are hosted by cloud service providers.

 In order to maintain the accuracy and relevancy of information, we perform checks every 2 years, and this may include making contact with the subjects of the data to check details.

When we do store information, we keep it for the following periods:

  1. Information gathered on our website for the purposes of promoting and delivering our services is retained for 12 months from the date of consent being provided.
  2. Correspondence not relating to a contract will be retained for 3 years following its creation.
  3. Records and documents relating to contracts and insurance policies will be retained for 15 years after the end of the contract or policy
  4. Information and documents relating to unsuccessful job applicants will be retained for 3 years from date of notification to the candidate.
  5. Other Information will be kept for periods as defined in our retention policies which can be provided on request.
  6. Our GDPR privacy notice and compliance will be checked annually and whenever we make changes to our systems and/or staff
  7. We are not a public body and we do not carry out any large scale monitoring or processing of data. The role of Data Protection Officer is not formally required but will be informally carried out by Sarah White (Director) who will monitor for any potential breaches and regularly review our privacy policy.