A Home For Fun

Unbelievably the original house and annex were constructed in the 21st Century. Quality construction, materials and a simplicity of design gives the impression these are 19th Century converted farm buildings. A lovely property but with no sense of entrance and arrival coupled with disjointed uses unlinked and so not readily used.

The brief – how do you make an entrance and allow the family to use all elements of the home?

The answer – a new main entrance creating a social space of living area, library and music hall that links the annex to the main body of the home. A space created that means the owners will use it everyday passing from inside to outside, gymnasium to bedroom, bedrooms to living and centering it all on the garden focus.

New landscaping, central swimming pool and mix of contemporary and traditional styling this house will be such a fun place to live.

Built by Ridgwells Construction

Pool by Apex Pools