This new low energy 2/3 bedroom dwelling is part masonry and part timber frame construction. Alba house has a traditional aesthetic with natural slate roofing and vertical sliding sash windows – finished in dark grey giving it a contemporary edge.

It incorporates high levels of insulation, air-source heating and details to provide the occupants with a comfortable living environment. The construction detailing is based on PassivHaus Principles and albeit it will not be certified it is anticipated this new dwelling will exceed by some margin the requirements as set by the Building Regulations.

Not all buildings have to look ‘modern’. This humble home settles into the street scene in this village without conflict. An infill plot the comments from local residents have been positive. With recent planning policy it would suggest simple and fitting schemes infilling vacant land or replacing redundant buildings is to be a logical way forward.

Frame by Truro Timber Frame

Built by Davey Construction

Building Services by Davey & Gilbert

Roofing by Horizon